Seek and Save at Eagle's Nest

As we come to the end of 2011 we can look back and say - without God, this year would have been a disaster! I think I might have packed up and gone back to the UK.........
........but our God is amazing and ever-faithful!
2 Timothy 2:13 If we give up on Him, He does not give up - for there is no way He can be false to Himself. The Message

Teachers and children support the 16 day anti-violence campaign

After a week of teaching, making posters and preparing the children, Grade 4 and 5 children, armed with the posters joined other schools on Old Paarl Road, Kraaifontein, to lend support to the police who were running from Klapmuts to start the 16 day campaign.

Seek and Save visit the school!

Missionaries Lappies and Marina from Georgia, visited us and brought a beautiful full-colour book with a gospel story based in an African Village. They had copies for each child and asked them to take the books and read with their parents, families and friends. It was so exciting to see the children reading their books as they walked down the streets. Who knows how and where God will use this message to bring hope and salvation? Thank you, Lappies and Marina and also Veronica Dippenaar.

Christmas at the Beach 2011

On Monday 7th December, a very excited bunch of teachers and children were ready and waiting when the buses arrived to take them to Mnandi Resort, Khayelitsha. This is a traditional event for us as Mnandi is safe and there are lifeguards on duty, so we can all enjoy ourselves without stressing too much! The weather was beautiful and the morning went off with NO hitches - everyone said it was too short, though.

Around the world in 67 days

In February I spent 3 weeks in the UK with Megan, John and Joseph, our 5th grandchild, born in December 2010.

In August I was very privileged to join 5 women from my church on a 5-day mission to the women of Kampala.
One of the places we visited was a home for street children. Eagle's Nest children wrote individual letters to each child who stays there; especially words of encouragement from God; to give them strength through their times of struggle. Every boy took their letter and treasured it, some starting to read the letter before they sat down. What a lovely experience, knowing that children with so little could share with children in another country, in similar situations!

In October, I joined a team of teachers and principals from round South Africa on a whistle - stop tour of Western Canada, visiting about 15 Christian schools while there. It was an experience of a lifetime - not only is Canada a beautiful country but the people are warm, friendly and generous beyond imagination. I stayed in 5 homes and each family made me feel really welcome and special! Thank you Canada!

I was back for 3 days before I boarded another plane to jet off in the other direction to Beijing China, where our daughter and her husband live. I got there just in time for the arrival of Annelise, our sixth grandchild and their second child. Nathan is now 18 months, and a lovely, gentle little boy with lots of energy. He really loves his new sister!

I got back to Eagle's Nest just in time for the end of year business and haven't stopped since! 2011 will go down as a year to remember! I am grateful to God that I can sleep in planes and that on every trip I had at least one flight where I could stretch out and sleep! I didn't suffer jetlag once!!!


Well, the end of the year has come, the children are on holiday and the teachers have mostly done their planning for 2012. We have admitted 59 children for Grade R in 2012 and most of the children have been promoted to the next grade. I will be sending every sponsor their child's report, but please be patient as I have to scan each one and then email them individually, so it will take some time.

Thank you

This year so much has happened and I want to thank so many people for their support. I am sure there will be someone I leave out - please don't feel offended, we have faced so many challenges, received so many donations and help that it would be easy to overlook someone.

Firstly, all the praise and thanks goes to God for carrying, inspiring and strengthening us. For bringing the right people at the right times across our paths.
All sponsors and donors - at least 150 of you!!!
Bruce's Catering - for meals for all the school every Friday and soup every Tuesday
Tim Stockhall and colleagues - for Powerpap for children who need nourishment in the mornings
Thorkild Nielsen - the fencing round our new site; also for co-ordinating and arranging Christmas for Grade 4's with so many friends
Tim and Janessa Stockhall and friends, Jan Steenkamp and Linda Zurnamer - you made the children's Christmas parties so special
Janessa - for parenting classes and all the other many things you helped with when I was away
MTN- donation for equipment
Isabel Dugdale and KPMG - painting classrooms and giving so much needed equipment
Woolworths - stationery for 2012
Maya in Canada - amazing set of resource books
Volunteers - thank you to Veronica Goodger, Wesley Moore and John and Chris Perry for your great help
Incredible Creatures - the course to help children their uniqueness, and understand each others and themselves
Nicole - for our wonderful new website, and patience with me, helping me set things up
The Eagle's Nest Board - you have been amazing, every one of you and I would never have coped without each one of you
Cake and Gift donors - amazing that every child had a cake and gift to celebrate their birthdays and the cakes were all delicious!
Jana Vieyra - thank you for co-ordinating the birthdays and baking - you are a star
Lappies and Marina - for sharing your story and inspiring us to step out more in faith
To all our overseas donors who continue to give faithfully, even though you can't meet your children or experience school life in real life - we never take you for granted
The AMAZING TEACHING STAFF - this is really a big thank you - you are the ones who make it happen and put up with me in all my moods - I really feel that you are behind me and united with me in this journey-keep it up!
All those I have left out - thank you so much for caring

Please remember us over this holiday period, as we seek God for the solution to our classroom problem

This is a BIG MOUNTAIN in our eyes, as we do not know where we will get our buildings - every door we have knocked on seems to have closed in our faces. We have been promised R80,000 at the end of December, but that will only pay for half a classroom. Do you have any ideas? We would love to hear! Please spread the word - there must be someone waiting to get the nudge, and help us in this. Until such a time, we are at peace, trusting that where we can't see the answer, God knows exactly what He is doing and He has always said that Eagle's Nest is His school.

Christmas wishes

May God bless all of you with Love, Joy and an Abundance of Peace at this wonderful time of year. Please drive safely and enjoy your time with your families and friends. We will be in touch in the 2012, as we look forward to a New Year and new adventures.

With love from all at Eagle's Nest