It seemed like we had just finished 2017 and the new school year had already begun. With a new year, comes changes and new things.This is no different with Eagle's Nest! 

New Principal

Mr Jamakanga was appointed officially as principal from Dec 2017. It was great to see him take the lead from day 1 of the new year. We have great hopes for him. He has already made his mark in various areas of school life. He arranged for stone guards on classroom windows- we had been having windows broken periodically and he took the initiative to remedy this. Also, a new school sign with the new logo. Teachers are being motivated and encouraged, to give of their best. Please pray for him as he continues to settle into his new role.

This is what he has to say:..."The school was a hive of activity on the opening day welcoming the old and new learners and teachers. Birthdays for both learners and teachers were celebrated during the term, and gifts were handed out. The end of term assessments went very well and all learners received their reports.Mrs Sikim and her team, together with the children, went into the community to bless them with Easter eggs and cards with the Easter message that Jesus is risen!"

Athletics February 2nd and 3rd 

Our school was given the mammoth task of arranging a district athletics event for 10 schools in our district. This entailed recording all the events, competitors' details, times, officials as well as ensuring that all equipment and resources were on site for the day. I have to salute our Sports committee, led by Mr Mupoterwa, for their commitment and hard work, often late into the night. You did us proud. Thank you all.

Newcomers - Grade R learners

As always, on the first day, there were 60 very excited little bodies standing with their parents, some bouncing around, others sticking close to parents or bigger brothers and sisters. The first day went very well and by now, these children are confident little eaglets.

New staff

We welcomed two new teachers - Tamari to Grade 4 and Moni to Grade 6. We are confident that they will soon feel part of our friendly staff and make an active contribution to school life

We also welcomed Anel Smit as our part-time fundraiser, to join forces with me to ensure we raise the profile and also funds needed to run this now quite large primary school. It is important that we try to provide for all our needs so we don't rely solely on government funding.

Anel's first achievement was to have a new logo designed and to smarten up the look of our stationery, and social media appearance. The school sign mentioned earlier sports this new logo - and in time, all track suits will also have the new logo on their badges.

Visitors from Ananda Living Wisdom School, California

Towards the end of term, we had a team of high school students spend two days at Eagle's Nest. From all the reports I received, they were very special and children had a great time interacting and working together. Thank you all so much for your time and love.

Exams and scribes

Once again this term, we were blessed to have a team of volunteers come and scribe for learners who are struggling to read and write in an exam setting. Our thanks go to these wonderful people who so patiently and lovingly give their time in this way. We truly appreciate you.

Award from WCED

We were extremely excited to hear that our Grade 6 class had been given a certificate for their efforts in the Systemic English tests in Oct 2017. We recognize the effort it takes to prepare a class for these tests, and to achieve this success. Mr Mupoterwa did a wonderful job.

Blue Ribbon competition

Our children were challenged to be the school who collected the most bread bags in our area. This seemed like an impossible task as we are a small school, but we decided to accept the challenge. The child who collected the most bags would also receive a bicycle as a prize! Much to our surprise and delight, we won this competition and were awarded R5000 - which will pay for our bread for one month. In addition, a grade 3 boy won the bicycle! A lesson in never giving up!